February 4, 2023

Coronavirus Protection Guidelines – 8 Things that protect you from COVID-19

Are you Afraid of Coronavirus? Now there is no need to afraid of Coronavirus just apply these Coronavirus Protection Guidelines to save yourself. Here are 8 things that protect you from COVID-19. These items are also referred by WHO( World Health Organization).

1- Mask & Respirators:


Using a face mask is certainly not a firm guarantee that you won’t get an infection – viruses can also spread through the eyes and little viral particles, called aerosols, can go through masks. though masks are efficient at catching droplets, which is a central transmission path of coronavirus, and some studies have concluded a roughly fivefold protection versus no barrier alone. If you are expected to be in close contact with someone infected while wearing a mask, there are chances you won’t get the virus.

If you have any indications of coronavirus, or have been diagnosed, you should use a mask to protect others. So masks are essential for the health of a common person and social care workers looking after patients and are also suggested for family members who need to care for someone who is sick– ideally, both the patient and carer should have a mask. However, masks will apparently make a small difference if you’re just wandering around town or taking a metro so there is no need to bulk-buy a large supply.


Which Mask you should use:

An N95 respirator is an extra tight-fitting face mask. In extension to splashes, showers, and big droplets, this N95 mask can also filter out ninety-five percent of micro-organisms including viruses, pollens, dust particles, and bacteria. The N95 respirator is usually round or oval in appearance and is composed to form a firm seal to your nose and mouth. Flexible strips help keep it tight to your face.

Some models also have an attachment known as the exhalation valve, which assists in breathing and the development of heat and moisture. N95 respirators are different in size so you should select carefully that the respirator you are using fits your mouth. If the respirator doesn’t fit tightly to your face, you won’t get the proper protection. It is usually difficult to find a tight N95 Mask for children and men with beards. So, if you want proper full-time protection from deadly viruses like COVID-19, N95 respirator should be your first preference.




While buying a hand sanitizer, make sure you buy a sanitizer that contains a minimum of 60 to 95% alcohol. Also, make sure that you use the hand sanitizer right way.  Follow the proper technique of using the hand sanitizer.  Usually, apply the liquid to the palm of one hand. Then rub it all above both hands till the sanitizer dries. This takes around 20 seconds. Be careful not to wash the sanitizer off before it’s dry.

Doing that can make it not as efficient in killing germs. there are several times you should use hand sanitizer, mostly after touching anything. It’s good to clean down the handle of a shopping cart before you use it. It’s also smart to use sanitizer after you’ve pushed a cart around the store, after filling your vehicle with fuel, after managing money, and after touching elevator buttons or door handles. Regularly wash your hands (with either soap and water or hand sanitizer) after every time you cough and sneeze.


Things to consider


Applying hand sanitizer regularly can make your hands very dry. If that occurs, make sure your hands are dry, then apply lotion. keep in mind, hand sanitizers won’t kill all germs on your hands. And you shouldn’t apply hand sanitizers if your hands are greasy or dusty. There is no replacement for soap and water.


Best Sanitizer to use:

If you are looking for a hand sanitizer that really works against coronavirus than you should try this one. Purell Advanced instant hand sanitizer soothing gel is the best hand sanitizer money can buy. A good hand sanitizer could be your best weapon against the coronavirus. It contains 70% alcohol, efficiently sanitizes the skin, and does not dry out hands. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer also holds the award of America’s number 1 hand sanitizer as it kills 99.99% of most common germs including both viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. , Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer soothing gel is also one of the most trusted & used hand sanitizers by hospitals, which proves its quality.



3- Gloves:

If gloves help to remind you to not touch your face while you are outdoor and away from a washbasin, the doctor says you should feel free to use them. But wearing gloves to the supermarket isn’t essential if you do not touch your face, remember social distancing best works while in the market, and wash your hands instantly when you come back home. In fact, Doctor says many people ignore that the gloves they wear (especially knitted options) can act as a “carrier” for viruses to travel elsewhere — onto your pocketbook, your phone, your car’s steering wheel.

If you want to wear gloves, the most efficient way to stop germs from growing would be to bring hand sanitizer with you and dispose of the gloves as soon as you step out of the store. Use the gloves until you can clean your hands, and no more require to use them. You should examine your hands dirty until then, however,” Doctor explains, adding that your hands are not “pure” even though you’ve used gloves.

It’s safe to leave your gloves on if you are using common transportation i.e buses or metro, but throwing your gloves and using hand sanitizer before you get inside your own car is the top-case situation. You should resume disinfecting all surfaces you usually touch — including your phone, as well as the inside of your car — as routinely as attainable.



How can I properly take gloves off?


The doctor says he has problems with recommending gloves because people usually expose their hands to the exterior of their gloves when they try to remove them, and then feel their hands are still clean. You should always wash your hands instantly after removing your gloves, and if you don’t have access to a washbasin, hand sanitizer can lessen the risk of growing germs until you reach one.


Best Gloves to Use:


There are three main types of gloves that you can use to protect yourself from dust and germs:

  • LATEX Gloves
  • NITRILE Gloves
  • VINYL Gloves


You can use all three of them to protect yourself from germs and dust but if you want proper protection against coronavirus you should use either LATEX or NITRILE gloves. LATEX Gloves are made with natural rubber while NITRILE Gloves are made with synthetic rubber, both these gloves are flexible and waterproof. VINYL Gloves are made with raw synthetic and are less expensive than above two however, VINYL gloves also have lowest allergy rates among other two.




 4- Temperature gun


The device which is known as ‘temperature gun’ or ‘infra gun’ is provided with sensors and used to measure temperature from a gap without reaching the person’s skin, these are the non-contact temperature measuring devices, the question arises whether these devices can measure human body temperature precisely. According to experts, thermometer gun readings are nearly immediate and gentle enough to identify the feverishness of an asleep child. However, precision and authenticity are a matter of interest.

Infrared thermometers are distinguished by many specifications, like accuracy and angular coverage. Even a very simple instrument may contain a measurement error of about ±2 °C or ±4 °F. In addition, the precision of devices depends on the way they are used, for example, how far the device is placed from the body it is measuring, and where specifically the device is pointed. It also matters how firmly and how long and it is kept until the device records a reading.


Considering the situations discussed above, there is an important probability that thermal screening can drop people who are affected by the novel coronavirus. On the other hand, it can wrongly sound the alarm for those not infected. The CNA statement says that fever was not the first sign of some of the coronavirus sufferers. Readings may differ in cases if a person is sitting in a cold or warm place,  or if a person already has a fever reducing medicine or other situations.


The New York Times reports that the thermometer guns that are used in screenings are “ill-famed, not active and safe” since many screeners hold them at the incorrect distance or use them in the wrong conditions. Does that indicate that many coronavirus affected people pass undetected through this system of temperature detection? Why has the need for temperature scanners and other such devices risen since the 2019-NCoV eruption became broadly advertised? A report from CNA shows that even if these devices aren’t that precise in measuring body temperature, they can be used as a corresponding tool for primary screening, followed by other important methods.


WHO also declared that temperature screening was helpful during the current eruption of the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV when many transported cases were identified through the entry screening performed by some countries at their gates of entry. “the signs may be identified through temperature detection at the gate of the entry, for which medical tests will be carried for verification. Temperature screening to identify possible suspect cases at Point of Entry may drop passengers producing the disease or passengers concealing temperature during the journey and may require large investments.”



Best Temperature gun to buy:

These non-contact digital thermometers by Aidbuck are amazingly designed and strongly build. It gives you quick and accurate temperature measurements between the range of -32℃ to 530℃. One of the main symptoms of coronavirus is an increase in your body temperature, so, regularly checking your body temperature will assist you against coronavirus before it becomes too severe. This Aidbuck Temperature gun uses infrared laser technology to determine your body temperature without any direct contact with the body.



5- Air Purifires:

AllerAir air purifier has been assisting many Hospitals and Medical Clinics to help control and decrease the extent of COVID-19 which is the Coronavirus Disease 2019. Air Purifiers with Germicidal UV was preferred, because of the Air Cleaners occurring on the High-End of Air Purifiers on the market that is useful to clean the air from different kind of viruses, bacteria, pollens and micro-organisms that can cause allergy Air Purifiers utilized for Viruses and Bacteria prefer Super HEPA filters, which in contrast to Conventional HEPA can refine micro-organisms at 0.125 Micron.

The Air Cleaners were moreover equipped with Germicidal Ultra Violet, which eliminates Viruses and Bacteria in air. In a Medical setting where an Aerosol-generating process is done, the droplets become Aerosolized particles, where the droplets become like a very light spray and remain in the air for a lengthier period of time.


Best Air Purifier:

AllerAir Air Medic Pro 5 & 6 Air purifiers are the best one in the market if you want virus free air in you room. AllerAir products are always remarkable but this one is even exceptional. AlleAir Air Medic Pro 5 can refine micro-organisms at 0.125 Micron and according to National Library of Medicines; micron size of COVID-19 virus is also approximately 0.125 micron. So, it means that AlleAir Medic pro 5 air purifier can protect you and your love ones from this deadly virus.




6- Disinfectants & Sprays:

Keeping your home clean with disinfectants is the easiest way to protect yourself and other family members from this deadly coronavirus and all the other harmful viruses and bacteria. If no one in your family has any signs of coronavirus, then the possibility of coronavirus living in your house is very less. But that doesn’t mean that you are safe, particularly if any of your family members usually go outside or not in full-time quarantine.

First of all, you should clean the surfaces you touch most often like door locks, T.V remote, switches, car lock, and steering, etc. This will reduce the risk of the coronavirus and other harmful viruses and bacteria transferring from a surface to your body. To protect yourself from coronavirus you should clean your house with disinfectants once a day regularly


Best Disinfectant you should use:

Lysol Disinfectants are the best one in the market to disinfect your house from deadly coronavirus and other bacteria that can cause different disease. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has set a list of disinfectants that can help you protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Most of the following Lysol products are in the EPA ant SARS-Cov-2 list of disinfectants.


Disinfectant Sprays:

  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray Max Cover Mist
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray Neutra Air 2
  • Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner


Disinfecting Wipes

  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipe
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaners


Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner Lysol

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Lysol Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach
  • Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner Pourable
  • Professional Lysol Heavy Duty Bathroom Cleaner
  • Lysol SMART Multi-Purpose Cleaner



Bathroom Cleaners

  • Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner EPA
  • Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner
  • Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner EPA
  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach


Laundry Sanitizers:

  • Lysol Laundry Sanitizer



7- Surgical Gowns:

The danger of emerging viral diseases including coronavirus has emphasized the need for efficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect doctors, nurses, medical staff, patients, and visitors. Personal protective equipment is an important segment in the list of controls used to protect Health care workers (HCWs) and patients from infectious diseases like coronavirus (covid-19). A Medical gown also known as isolation gown or surgical gown is the most important component of Personal protective equipment. It protects the HCWs and visitors from the spread of infectious viral diseases like coronavirus if they come in contact with the patient.  Gowns are one important component of an overall infection control strategy specially to protect Health care workers and visitors.



8- Face Shield:

Face shields are personal protective equipment(PPE) that are used by several Health care workers(e.g., nurses, doctors, other medical staff) for protection of the face including eyes, nose, and mouth from a patient with a viral infectious disease like coronavirus. Face shields are usually used in association with other PPE including surgical gowns, face mask, and head coverings. However, face shields are not just for medical staff but millions of common people also use face shields to protect themselves from deadly diseases like coronavirus. A face shield is an important component of personal protective equipment as it also covers eyes. One should use Respirators and face masks to protect nose and eys but face shields are compulsory for eye protection.


Best face shield:

Bio-Mask Face Shield is the best face shield for medical purposes. This is a full face shield mask best for protection against spraying and splattering objects. It is a great quality mask with a visor shield. The mask fits conveniently with a flexible band to fit most heads. This is a remarkably lightweight mask weighing about 27 grams. It is an excellent option for extended use. The frame can also be used again and again. This face shield is really amazing due to its fabric and fitting.


  • Full facial protection from splatter and sprays
  • A custom adjustable band for a superior snug fit
  • A reusable frame
  • Extremely lightweight

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