February 4, 2023

Best Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners of 2021


 Best Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner of 2020.Vacuums is one household appliance that always seems to be a source of frustration. While there are no guarantees, a little research beforehand can go a long way towards alleviating some of that disappointment.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner of 2020. These are the best heavy duty vacuum cleaner of 2020, Check it choose the best heavy duty vacuum cleaner according to you and buy it for a better experience of cleaning.

1- Dyson V11 Absolute :

Design and features:

The Dyson V11 Absolute is a best heavy duty vacuum cleaner and a nice-looking vacuum cleaner, with the electric blue wand smoothly complementing the nickel of the associates and main body, while the LCD screen is bright and comfortable to read. It’s also worth remarking that the design is totally symmetrical, so it is very easy to use whether you’re left- or right-handed. There’s also a handy wand storage clip, which makes it easy to carry a couple of extra tools around with you.

There are 3 power settings to choose from through a single-mode button: Eco, Auto/Medium – effectively the ‘standard’ setting, and Boost. Pairing the Auto/Medium mode with the High Torque cleaner head lets the Dyson Absolute to automatically adjust the power for the floor type. Other tools involve the soft roller cleaner head, mini motorized tool, crevice tool, and quick-release mini soft dusting brush. There’s also a docking station and charger.

A new, higher-capacity lithium-ion battery means the runtime of up to 60 minutes matches the V10 models, despite the V11’s extra power, and the trigger switch means no wasted battery caused by the motor running when you’re not actually cleaning. The filter and floor heads can be removed for cleaning, and there’s no need to get your hands dirty emptying the V11 – just push the lever down and the 0.76-liter bin pops open, dropping the dirt straight in the bin. The Dyson Absolute has an LCD screen, a 1st for by this company, that lets you know how much runtime you have left in the chosen cleaning mode and shows you either you need to clean the filter, and alerts you to blockages.


Weighing in at 7.2 pounds with the wand and soft roller cleaner attached, the V11 Absolute feels light in use, however, it weighs a tad more than the V10 models – the location of the battery means the vacuum cleaner appears perfectly balanced when you’re using it, and the excess weight is hardly noticeable. The V11 moves around easily on both carpets and solid floors, whether you’re using the High Torque or the soft roller cleaner head, and the amazing design of the heads makes cleaning under furniture very easy.

We started with the oats test, using the soft roller cleaner head, which is particularly designed for solid surface, with soft bristles and a velvet-like material overlaying the roller, on the Auto/Medium power setting. Just one slow pass cleaned 100% of the oats, and the V11 repeated the action on the Eco setting. For the carpet test, we used the High Torque cleaner head, and one slow forward and back pass removed all the carpet freshener and talc. Dog hair was the 2nd test, and again the V11 Absolute performed amazing, cleaning the hair from the carpet with little effort – the results were equally obvious from looking at the amount of hair gathered in the bin.


The Dyson V11 Absolute has a lot of useful characteristics, such as the easy-empty bin and high definition LCD screen, and gives you magnificent cleaning results. It’s very light and easy on the arm and gives strong suction even on the lowest power mode, and the large runtime means you can get much done before you need to put it on a charge. It’s easy to switch between the power settings (and in Auto/Medium mode the V11 Absolute automatically adjusts the suction for different floor types for amazing performance) and the LCD screen makes it easy to see how much cleaning time you have left. It’s one of the most expensive cordless vacuums out there, but if you want one of the most effective, powerful and user-friendly vacuum cleaners money can buy, its money well spent.

2- Shark Duoclean Cordless IF260UKTH :

Build And Design:

Shark duoclean cordless is a best heavy duty vacuum cleaner of 2020.The handheld unit alone weighs in at a reasonable 3.4 lbs with the battery pack fastened and loaded. That is, coincidentally, precisely the same weight as the Dyson V8. The DuoClean seems and feels a larger unit, though. With the battery and motor in front of the pistol grip, it simply feels heavier to wield.

Attach the folding tube and DuoClean floorhead, and the whole ensemble tipped our scales at 4kg – that’s close to 1.5kg heavier than Dyson’s V8 with tube and Direct Drive floorhead attached. This isn’t a major issue when cleaning, since much of that weight is sitting on the floor, but when you move between rooms or carry it upstairs, you’ll certainly notice it.

Floor cleaning in ‘stick’ mode, the Shark is pretty lengthy. It certainly won’t be a stretch for taller users. Our opinion regarding the lack of pivoting neck on the main floorhead is mixed. While it allows precise direction of the head with a simple twist of the wrist, it does feel a little hefty. You need to put the effort in to steer and navigate.

The folding tube is just average weird but, smooth, it works. For getting beneath furniture without having to bend down it’s simply excellent. Many areas under our furniture and cupboards that are not easy to reach are benefitted from a thorough vacuuming. The only cons of the design is that the tube’s folding mechanism sums weight when you’re cleaning up high.

Cleaning Performance:

On the lower power setting, this vacuum cleaner carries an excellent suction punch. A simple hand-over-the-end test implies a fair bit more suction than the Dyson V8 on low power, if not the air-flow rate. Ramp that up to the higher power setting and the Shark’s suction scales admirably. It’s up there with lower-powered corded cleaners but doesn’t quite match the Max power of Dyson’s V8. Given the Sharks extra run-time in this mode, however, it’s more than a fair trade-off. Over the solid surface, the DuoClean head is really excellent. It deals with dust, pet hair and our spilled oats test with ease – even on the cleaner’s low-power setting. Launch the power to the max and it pulls dirt out of deeper niches and holes amazingly. It’s easy to direct on hard floors and the powerful front lights are perfect for chasing down escapee fur-balls in darker corners.

Carpet cleaning was also great, too, but not without some caveats. A single pass on the carpet test finished almost all the test powder, and the backstroke cleared up the last surface pieces. Some of the heavier carpet cleaning powder remained visible in the pile after these 2 passes, though. The soft-flocked roller at the top of the head does limit how competitively the traditional beater bar behind can move into the pile. Edge cleaning on the carpet was also great for a wireless cleaner. There was a very small amount of powder remaining in the dip where the carpet wedged below the gripper. The best mains-powered vacuum cleaners are more beneficial still, but the Shark’s results were remarkable for a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Solid, sensibly designed and giving effective cleaning for solid floors and carpets alike, Shark’s IF250UKT is an elegant cordless vacuum. Run-times are great, 2 batteries extend cleaning admirably, and the Motorized Pet Tool is great for pet owners However, it does lack the overall features of Dyson’s cordless models. It can feel rather complicated to use, particularly as the DuoClean floorhead regularly tries to drive the cleaner forward. It is not cheap at its near-£500 retail price, either. Yet the Shark’s cleaning skills and excellent total run-time mark it out as one of the superior cordless cleaners.

3- Rodmi S1E Cleaner :

Design And Features:

Rodmi S1E Cleaner is a best heavy duty vacuum cleaner of 2020. It looks like a vacuum cleaner of the future. With the stylish design come some elegant touches, including a magnetic wall mount. Just place this where you want it to be placed when not in use, and the Roidmi S1E will attach to it remaining steady. With a sticky fixer, the wall mount doesn’t need any bolts to fix it into place.

There’s no charging via the mount; the vacuum has to be charged separately using the power adapter included in the box, plugging this straight into the charging port. There’s a rubber covering over the charging port, which is complicated to get back into place.

Measuring 1191 x 259 x 158mm and weighing just 5.29 lbs, the Roidmi S1E is one of the most compact vacuum cleaners in the market. Its light body makes this vacuum extremely easy to use, and its easy to move body and floor head helps you to get it where you need it. The compact body reduces bin size to just 0.4l. To empty the bin you first need to separate it from the vacuum body. Next, you have to remove the washable filter and pull out the internal filter to eventually be able to empty the bin. It’s a bit more of a process than it should be.

Cleaning performance:

Starting off with the carpet test, I spread a little amount of flour on the pile right up to the corner of the skirting board. With the Roidmi S1E attached to the motorized floor brush, I took an opening sweep through the mess using the vacuum cleaner on normal power. One sweep left a smudge of flour behind. Now using it on maximum power resulted in more flour being removed, but some visible marks still remained. In the end, I had to use a few sweeps on maximum power to clean up what lest.

Next, I moved to pet hair, combing in hair from my four dogs into the carpet fibers. I used Roidmi S1E on maximum power. A single sweep through picked up most of the surface hair, but the more ground-in fibers remained until after a few more sweeps. Moving to the solid, I spread a few amount of rice on the floor. Running the vacuum on low power resulted in pickup of some grains of rice. In addition, there wasn’t enough suction power to pull rice out of the grouting. Setting up the vacuum cleaner to full power proved better, with a single sweep through the rice without throwing it around. For more solid spills, this vacuum cleaner needs to be run on its highest power setting; the standard setting will do for a general day-to-day mess.


The Roidmi S1E is one of the most stylish looking vacuum cleaners I’ve ever reviewed. The price is attractive, too. However, general performance isn’t as good as the above contenders. But if you want a stylish looking and really easy to use vacuum cleaner, this Roidmi S1E is for you.

4- Hoover H-Lift 700

Design and features:

Hoover H-Lift 700 is a best heavy duty vacuum cleaner of 2020. Absolutely not falling short on characteristics and accessories, the Hoover H-Lift 700 is packed with accessories and impressively offers 3 different cleaning modes. It can be used as an upright vacuum for carpets and hard flooring, as a light-weight lift-out machine for stair sweeping. The latter was excellent for sucking up trash from compact spaces such as under your sofas. The floor head has a tilting and swivel neck for greater movability. We found this particularly useful for vacuuming forgotten scraps under and around furniture such as tables and chairs. Thrown in the mix is a hose that extends up to lengthy 2.5m and an 8m-long mains cable that gives plenty of cleaning space. The cable easily wraps around the main body for storage, or to keep the cable neat if you’re cleaning only a short area.

The H-Lift 700 has a fixed power level and changeable brush bar: on for carpets; off for hard floors and detail cleaning with the hose. Combined with the H-Lift 700 is a nice list of tools that can all be stored on its main body. highlighting the selection is the Mini Turbo Nozzle, composed to loosen and lift stubborn pet hair from carpets and other stuff. It’s a basic design without any joints in the neck, but it worked wonders on our dog’s beds. There are a 2-in-1 Crevice and Dusting Brush, a longer service tool for more extensive crevices and an extension tube for more reach. Great stuff.


If you’re looking for a handy vacuum cleaner with lots of cleaning options, a great variety of accessories, and the ability to extract most of the pet hairs, we think the Hoover H-Lift 700 is an excellent choice. It offered exceptional cleaning results across all floor types and due to its Lift-Out mode, it also didn’t struggle when it came to stair-cleaning. The vacuum is a bit heavy, and the overall design could be more precise. However, its ability to do the vacuuming job is excellent at the price. So, I don’t think it is a bad choice.

5- Shark DuoClean NZ801UKT :

Design and Features:

Shark DuoClean NZ801UKT is a best heavy duty vacuum cleaner of 2020. Shark’s Lift-Away vacuum cleaners are some of the most resilient, and the NZ801UKTDB is no different. This model comes with the DuoClean floor head with the Anti Hair Wrap technology. It’s a motor-driven brush that has both a soft roller and bristles, built to easily clean hard floors and carpet without having to shift heads as with the Dyson V11. Shark has installed the controls amazingly, with the power button easy to access. Once the Shark NZ801UKTDB is turned on, the DuoClean brush doesn’t spin till the handle is shifted down, permitting you to stand the vacuum up with the brush worrying away at a speck of carpet.

In this mode, the Shark NZ801UKTDB works like any other upright, however, the large bin and vacuum unit on the front is a bit heavier than on other models that I’ve tested, making it difficult to get under some parts of furniture. The DuoClean floorhead also isn’t the most intelligent, and I found that I had to take slower, more careful turns with the vacuum cleaner to get it to go where I required. It takes a little bit of getting used to.

2- Cleaning Performance:

With its 750W motor, this vacuum cleaner is one of the most effective vacuum cleaners in the market, and you can definitely feel it when you use it. At times, it felt as though the cleaner was tightly glued to the ground, which is where the suction power dial comes in advantageous to reduce airflow and make it more comfortable to push the vacuum. The result of this power is that the vacuum cleaner performs amazingly, getting most dust in a single swipe.

And, thanks to the range of tools, there’s no task that this vacuum cleaner can not do. Despite the high-power motor, I measured the vacuum cleaner at 77.9dB, which isn’t especially higher than other Shark vacuum cleaners that I’ve reviewed. I can securely say that that the smart Anti Hair Wrap technology, which uses a fiber guard and combs to stop hair getting stuck, works amazingly.


The Shark Lift-Away design is one of our main preferences, and the Shark NZ801UKTDB is no exception. In upright mode, this is an extremely effective vacuum cleaner that cleans up mess rapidly with no fuss. A bit more maneuverability would be nice but that’s a very small complaint. In Lift-Away mode, the NZ801UKTDB gets another rent of life, providing a smaller, more impacted unit that you can carry around for more detail work. With this unique version, you’re cloaked for everything from under appliances to detail work within your car. Even better, the cost of the Shark NZ801UKTDB makes it an perfect bargain. If you need something potent and adaptable there’s no point looking anywhere else.

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