February 4, 2023

Best Gaming Pubg mobile to buy in 2021

Looking for Best Gaming Pubg mobile of 2021, Here is the list of Top 5 Gaming Phones to buy in 2021 with detailed Review and Price.

Name of Best Gaming Phones
ASUS ROG Gaming Phone II (ZS660KL-S855P-12G512G-BK) – 6.6” FHD+ 2340×1080 HDR 120Hz Display – 48MP/13MP Camera – 12GB RAM – 512GB Storage – LTE Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone – US Warranty – BlackBest Gaming Phone Check price
OnePlus 7 Pro – 256GB Dual-Sim GSM Unlocked Android SmartPhone – Mirror Grey (Renewed)Best Gaming PhoneCheck price
Razer Phone 2 (New): Unlocked Gaming Smartphone – 120Hz QHD Display – Snapdragon 845 – Wireless Charging – Chroma – 8GB RAM – 64GB – Mirror Black FinishBest Gaming PhoneCheck price
Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, Black – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)Best Gaming Phone Check price
Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 (64GB + 6GB RAM) 6.0″, Snapdragon 845, Liquid Cooled, Dual Cameras, 4G LTE Dual SIM GSM Unlocked Gaming Smartphone – International Global Version (Black)Best Gaming PhoneCheck price

1- ASUS ROG Phone 2 || Gaming Pubg mobile :

The Asus ROG Pubg mobile is one of the Best Gaming Pubg mobile, stands for the Republic of Gamers, cool name, isn’t it? It gives you the most power, the best efficiency, and the most attractive design. It has a 6-inches AMOLED display which refreshes 90 times per second. The higher refresh rate indicates less motion blur and quicker response times. It’s not as high a rate as the Razer Phone 2’s 120Hz LCD has, but I still saw a remarkable enhancement over other phones when playing games.

The phone’s new AirTriggers that are pressure-sensitive edges that double as bumper buttons for games, extending game control beyond the screen. Its dedicated X mode provides you an optimized gaming experience that can be made yet more convenient when using the phone’s detachable fan accessory, which is in the box. Ths Asus ROG Mobile 2 also has the most extended battery life in the list and has many gaming accessories in the box. And through the detachable fan comes with the phone, Image quality of the rear camera is good.


As you’d assume, the ROG Phone 2 is packed with the latest internal hardware accessible today. The phone has a Snapdragon 855+ and also a turbocharged version of the Snapdragon 855 with higher clocks. The Snapdragon 855+ has a few distinguished twists over the standard 855 — the cores go up to 2.96GHz, and you get a 15% uptick in GPU performance — but the overall design among the two is almost identical.  

There is also 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 3.0 storage. You don’t require 12GB of RAM on an Android phone, Android isn’t capable to use all of that RAM yet, but it is an excellent way to future-proof your investment. And the 512GB storage module beneficial for storing all the games you could apparently want, and then some.

Asus Rog Pubg mobile 2 also added four Wi-Fi antennae, guaranteeing you get rock-solid connectivity despite whatever adjustment you’re holding the device. There are antennae all along the right side of the Asus Rog 2, with the main antenna on the left corner. The phone also connects your cellular data and Wi-Fi signal to deliver the best possible connectivity while playing games.

ASUS Rog phone 2 also offers a 2nd generation GameCool-2 heat emission system, which is a multi-layer design that’s composed to efficiently siphon heat away from the internal hardware. The system also holds a 3D vapor chamber, thermal paste, copper pads, and a temperature sink that works in combination to reduce the temperature during extreme gaming sessions.

The 120Hz panel is exalted in day-to-day use, and it makes normal tasks like scrolling through text and browsing social media apps a pleasure. The phone is also great for watching videos due to the loud stereo speakers, and the 3.5mm jack has a high-res DAC.


The ASUS ROG 2 Pubg mobile comes with Android 9.0 Pie when you first start it, and the most prominent change on the software aspect is that you can now shift to a pure “Android skin”. The gaming-focused theme is still accessible if you want, and you can pick between the two at the primary configuration. That’s a big deal because that makes the phone a much more interesting option for everyday usage.

The pure Android skin is almost the same as the software you will find on a ZenFone 6. ASUS hasn’t done any modifications to the software here, and that’s not a bad thing. You get a clean user interface that is free from any lags and blurs, and that allows ASUS to give updates faster. We got one important software update, with the build going from 16.0622.1907.33 to 16.0631.1908.12. The update fixed a few bugs, but in common, the software has been very reliable.

Game Genie is a popup that launches every time you launch a game, and you get the facility to mute calls and notifications. ASUS also added a robust set of characteristics in Game Genie, and you can launch the service through a swipe left within a game. You get to lock brightness so the ambient sensor doesn’t automatically lower brightness during a game, and there’s also a screen recorder, strength to set macros, customize AirTriggers, free cached memory, and much more.


ASUS offers a broad variety of accessories with the ROG 2 that notably increase its capabilities. ASUS sent us the media kit, which is a suitcase full of accessories that are prepared for the ROG 2 Pubg mobile. The only attachment that is in the box is the AeroActive Cooler II, but if you’re serious about playing games, you will need to pick up some of these accessories.

  • ROG Kunai Gamepad
  • Mobile Desktop Dock
  • WiGig Display Dock II
  • Aeroactive cooler II
  • Twin Dock II


Few phones accessible today are as impressive as the ROG 2 Pubg mobile. There’s a lot going on here, and ASUS succeeded to do a wonderful job with the feature loadout. There honestly isn’t anything missing here from a hardware or software point of view. The 120Hz display is amazing, and the 49ms touch latency along with the superb AMOLED panel makes it a perfect delight to play games on the phone.

The hardware is likewise amazing, and the Snapdragon 855+ chipset combined with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage makes the phone a real gaming powerhouse. The thermal management clearly makes a distinction here, enabling you to play games for longer without having to worry about the hardware issues.

At $900 it is about the same price as a Note 10+ or the Pixel 4, but the hardware is on par with the best that Android has to offer. The camera may not be the best in this section, but the screen is excellent and you get the best possible hardware on a phone today. ROG Phone 2 is a fabulous choice even if you don’t play many games on your phone

2- OnePlus 7 Pro || Gaming Pubg mobile :

The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the Best Gaming Pubg mobile, comes with a Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is currently the best chipset in the market. Linked with the UFS 3.1 storage. It gives abnormally fast read and write storage speeds. it is extremely challenging to find a better hardware combination. OnePlus 7 Pro also features up to 12GB RAM LDDDR4X RAM in the top-end variant, which is again the best you can get.


 A gaming Pubg mobile is only as good as its display. we saw the Asus ROG Pubg mobile come with a more fluid 90Hz display which makes the overall gaming experience more enjoyable than other flagship smartphones. OnePlus has also followed the ASUS ROG 2 Pubg mobile but with a twist of its own. 

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display and as a gamer, you will love that big screen. Therefore, the overall experience is more mesmerizing. AMOLED displays are always known to offer high definition colors and vigorous contrasts and the one OnePlus 7 pro has doesn’t deviate from that.

While playing PlayerUnKnowns BattelGround MOBILE or Brother in Arms, the overall playing experience is soothing for the eyes the screen is simply mesmerizing to look at. Though, where the OnePlus 7 Pro differs from other flagship gaming phones is the 90Hz refresh rate that makes supported games ridiculously smooth.

But, the 90Hz sleekness can only be encountered on games that support 90Hz refresh rate, which at this point, there are about 20 games on play store. these games include Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Marvel Contest of Champions, Vainglory, Modern Combat Versus, Warfare, Pokemon Go, FZ9 Timeshift, CATS: Crash Arena and Asphalt 9, etc. I have played these games on other top gaming phones also but the higher refresh rate on the OnePlus 7 Pro display gives a totally different experience.

Gaming Performance:

One Plus 7 Pro use Oxygen operating system, It makes effective use of the resources and makes sure that there’s no lag or slack while you are playing your favorite games for long durations. During my time with the OnePlus 7 Pro, I have played many long sessions of PlayerUnKnowns BattelGround (pubg) MOBILE and Asphalt 9: Legends with my friends. These sessions remained easily around three hours.

In between my daily routine, I was habitually stretching my thumbs on the phone playing Subway Surfer and Vector without noticing that the session almost went up to about 2 hours. In Asphalt 9: Legends Racing game, I was able to play the fast-paced Hunted races without any trouble for about an hour this game on other flagship gaming phones starts lagging after almost 40 minutes.

Fnatic mode is the real reason behind this sustained peak gaming performance. However, this may seem like just another memory cleaner with an elegant name, the only difference is that it really works on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Fnatic Mode raises the CPU performance and handles background action to make sure the phone is utilizing as much resource as it can to keep the gameplay lag-free.

It also increases the active network performance and will disable data connection from the secondary SIM card, if required, to give you the best gaming experience. I also loved the concept of the phone silencing calls and messages during my PlayerUnKnowns BattelGround sessions.


You may find a lot of flagship gaming smartphones at different price points having the Snapdragon 855 chipset and all of them will let you play these new RAM and Graphics hungry games at full graphics. However, I haven’t seen any gaming mobile so far that gives the gaming experience as enjoyable as this One Plus 7 Pro. OnePlus has mastered what makes a 

 smartphone perform great, intelligent optimization of sources and a magnificent display. That excellent display is 50 percent accountable for this and the other 50% can be credited to the excellent optimization.

This price tag may bother your pocket. But trust me, It performs better than many flagship gaming phones expensive than this one. if you want an excellent gaming experience with a mesmerizing display, this is a phone that delivers.

3- Razer Phone 2 || Gaming Pubg mobile:

The new Razer 2 Pubg mobile fixes those flagship gripes which were lacked in the original RazerPubg mobile, without losing the essence of the original. In fact, the new Razer Phone 2 has the same “monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey” design vibe while adding IP67 water protection, wireless charging, a camera portrait mode, and a more bright 120Hz screen.


The Razer Phone 2’s rectangular look won’t be to everyone’s liking, but I find it unique and attractive. The squared edges are evocative of the iPhone 5 and fit well in my hand, particularly in landscape mode. I like that I can easily stand this phone on its side to watch movies and also you don’t need a stand to capture videos. 

And if you’re wondering, where is the notch. Rather, you’ll obtain a bulky forehead and chin having two of the loudest speakers I have ever heard on a phone. These speakers are all the more remarkable when you judge they were totally redesigned to make the phone IP67 water-resistant.

The RAZER Phone 2 has a neat chroma logo on the back, which is not only for looks. It glows when you receive notifications. So when new texts or WhatsApp messages come in, the logo lights up. You can also customize the color, brightness of the light and whether it blink or not. There’s also an idle mode in which the logo glows and dims as if the phone’s heart is beating, pretty cool, isn’t it?

The Gorilla Glass 5 back which is there for wireless charging. You have to buy the $99 Razer Phone 2 wireless charger to charge your phone without any cable. The edges of base light up when the phone starts charging. 



The performance of this RAZER phone 2 is something that requires no mental effort to judge. Razer Phone 2 was created and marketed as the best smartphone for gamers and, in our conclusion, it gives a better gaming experience than many of the other expensive gaming phones. The Razer Phone was specifically designed for gamers, so if you want to be a pro mobile gamer you need to try this phone.

It has the loudest speakers I have ever listen on any smartphone which are boosted by Dolby Atmos software. Looking at the internal specs, you’ve got no deficiency of processing power as it features Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM. This Gaming phone is going to work with any game you ever wondered to play. Another amazing feature this phone has, you can expand your internal storage just by putting a MicroSD card into the MicroSD card slot, so you can install as many games as you want. 


The Razer Phone 2 is an incredibly over-powered phone for gaming and watching videos, but the camera quality is not as good as it should be. When you factor in the price drop, I think it’s a nice time to order this phone if you’re doing so to take advantage of the amazing sound and visual performance for gaming, rather than every day uses and characteristics that people usually want from their smartphone.

4- iPhone XR || Gaming Phone :

Design and Features:

iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LED screen. This phone does not have a 120-hertz screen when it comes to a refresh rate; rather, it can react to touches on the screen at 120 hertz. The graphics refresh at 60 hertz, which indicates it isn’t as fast as other gaming phones on this list like the Razer Phone 2. However, for most games and apps, I don’t think you are not going to notice this difference. Due to TrueDepth camera Technology, it also features FaceID, which is better than many of the other iPhones at recognizing your face.

It allows you to log in to the phone and private apps that are protected by a password. So, you don’t have to always remember and type a passcode to log in to your phone. That’s a refreshing feature. The iPhone XR’s screen is also smaller than that of XS Max’s, Which in my opinion is an advantage if you have small hands.

Gaming Performance:

The iPhone XR’s graphics aren’t as impressive as the iPhone XS Max, but the iPhone XR is almost 250USD cheaper than XS Max. As iPhone XR offers a 6.1-inch (diagonal) all-screen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology and 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 PPI, which is an idle display for any games lover.

I have tried this phone on heavy games like Call of Duty(mobile), Into the Dead, Asphalt 9, PUBG Mobile, Mortal Kombat X Mobile, Brothers in Arms, and Dead Target. And I was surprised by the performance and graphics quality. I merely see any lag or performance issue. The graphic quality was also amazing as I have played all these games in HD graphics and extreme Frame rate. 

Like iPhone XS Max the iPhone XR also has a new A12 Bionic processor. It has haptic touch, instead of 3D Touch, Which I don’t think matters much.


According to Apple, you will be able to get 1hrs. and 30 minutes more battery life out of the iPhone XR than the 8 Plus, which is a refreshing change, in real terms. If you are a game lover or watch a lot of movies, you will possibly need to charge it ere bed. If you don’t believe Apple you might also not believe me but on average the iPhone XR battery life is reliable.


The iPhone XR is the first iPhone in a long time to come in so many colors: Red, blue, white, yellow, coral and black


Sadly, The camera quality of iPhone XR is not good as compared to iPhone XS Max. I was hoping a batter camera quality but If this really values to you, then you should get a more expensive phone. That’s what you’re paying for. The XR does not have a very bad camera, but the results are clearly different compared to the iPhone XS Max. But comparing to ASUS ROG 2 or RAZER phone 2 the camera quality of this phone way better than these two.


When it comes to games, I would rate the iPhone XR as a great gaming phone. I enjoyed playing Player UnKnowns Battel Ground, one of my favorite mobile games, on Apple’s iPhone XR.

More hardcore mobile games like Asphalt 9 and Brothers in Arm, really utilize the graphics capacity of the iPhone XR’s A12 Bionic processor. Despite the fact the camera quality is not great, I think It is a good option if you are a gamer who likes to play mobile games. 

5- Black Shark Pro 2 || Gaming Pubg mobile :

Build and Design:

The phone is fundamentally aluminum with a glass panel on the back. In the middle of the glass, they inserted another strip of aluminum that holds the Black Shark “S” logo. The power button is on the right edge, with the “Shark Space” toggle right above it. The volume up/down buttons are on the left side. Overall build quality is incredible; the phone is well assembled with fine materials. There’s also a ton of RGB illuminations: the “S” logo and two vertical bars on the back, as well as a vertical bar on the and right sides of the smartphone. these variations in build make the phone a bit heavy.

The Black Shark Pro 2 has a 6.4 inches OLED display. It uses the omnipresent 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and 2340×1080 resolution. Maximum brightness is “four hundred and thirty nits”, which is not bad. Colors look clean, too. I was actually assuming a 90Hz or 120Hz display provided because this is a gaming phone, but Black Shark 2 Pro only provides us an old 60Hz panel.

The screen is pretty average when compared to other flagship gaming smartphones these days, but the Black Shark 2 Pro costs a lot less than most other flagship gaming smartphones. Auto brightness function is also not so good: the screen is either too bright or too dim. It also has a plastic screen protector which helps to avoid fingerprints and scratches.


Gaming experience:

With Snapdragon 855+, and 8GB of RAM, this Black Shark pro 2 gaming phone has never revealed any frame drops or other lags. Due to liquid cooling, it also didn’t get very hot even after playing some heavy games.

Like many other memory cleaners and game boosters different flagship gaming phones have, It has “Game Dock 4.0,” which Xiaomi terms the “Ultimate Gaming Dashboard.” It gives you immediate access to features like performance statistics and it also mute notifications while playing games, Xiaomi also says that its display is twice as fast as other gaming phones display’s response times, though I merely notice any difference.

The only other refreshing change is the button on the right side above the power button to directly enter “Shark Space,” which immediately places you into an arcade mode of sorts. When you move this slider up, a very ‘low-quality animation plays on the screen, and all of your background processes are terminated, all calls and messages are silenced, and you’re brought into a mysterious exhibition display where only games are shown, which is quite unique and interesting to watch.

You can manually add other games if these games don’t show up in shark space by default. It’s clearly an appealing idea. In my opinion, the overall gaming experience is better than many other flagship gaming phones and this phone is also cheaper.


If your most important consideration is the gaming experience, the Black Shark 2 Pro is pretty cool and attractive. It has a large display screen, a 4000mAH battery which in my opinion is huge, great gamepad assistance, and a lot of RGB illumination (if you like lightning). It also has some pretty great specs for the pocket. sadly, the software experience is not as good as it should be, and there are many specifications that are present on many competitors but missing here. The slow fingerprint sensor and disturbing auto-brightness should have been better.

But if you play a lot of performance-intensive games on your phone and want a Long battery life or you want something unique that will stand out from the crowd? This gaming phone is for you.  

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