November 30, 2022

Best Gaming Headphones

Name of Gaming Headphones  
HyperX Cloud Revolver S – Gaming headphones with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound – Steel Frame – Signature Memory Foam – Premium Leatherette – Detachable noise-cancellation microphoneGaming Headphones Check price
SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headphones – Lossless High Fidelity Wireless + Bluetooth for PS4 and PCGaming Headphones Check price
ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PC – Black/Silver (2019 version)Gaming Headphones Check price
beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming HeadphonesGaming Headphones Check price
Corsair HS50 Pro – Stereo Gaming Headphones – Discord Certified Headphones – Works with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android – CarbonGaming Headphones Check price

1. HyperX cloud Revolver S || Gaming Headphones

HyperX cloud Revolver S || Gaming Headphones

Pros Cons
✔ Excellent sound ✔ Comfortable ✘ cable may be long

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headphones that take the quality Cloud Revolver receiver and tweaks it simply touches to create its sound stage a lot of music and video diversion. The Cloud Revolver S has 7.1 channel surround sound because of Dolby digital signal process, which makes this receiver one among the simplest computer diversion headsets. geared toward full immersion and total situational awareness.


The aesthetic of the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is pretty, a couple of points hint at its vice nature. however, they’re delicate. With the mike removed, only the “HX” brand indicating HyperX on each ear cups extremely shouts gaming. The black and white color scheme isn’t dramatic with black being most distinguished. And white solely exposure as minor accents on the ear cups and rib into the scarf red LEDs, meanwhile, solely build An look at the USB management box.

And that they aren’t obvious, the physical build of this gaming headphones is even a lot of spectacular. The receiver is made around a swish, steel frame that’s pleasing to the bit and eyes. It permits for a  strong feel, now, metal frames have a name for permitting in some noise if brushed , however, a combination of rubber dampers helps to minimize the reverberation matte plastic ear cups attach to the steel frame and pivot a couple of degrees in every direction and therefore, the band slides freely for automatic adjustment to suit a user’s head.

Internal design

The mike is one of the few weak points within the style. It plugs into these headphones via a 3.5mm. It’s thick, bendable, and feels sturdy. The issue is that it likes to rebound a touch from wherever it’s positioned if it’s bent terribly so much. It’s not sort of an acrobat that will bend and keep in no matter the position you place it.

It’s conjointly a shame the mike can’t dock itself into the receiver once not in use. however, the intercalary bulk most likely wouldn’t are worthwhile. However, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headphones adds some convenience with the mic with a jailbreak cable that splits the mike and phone audio into twin 3.5mm jacks. However, this intercalary convenience can lose electrical engineer virtual surround support, because it doesn’t use a USB association.


If you’re thinking that we tend to haven’t rushed enough concerning the planning of the telephone receiver, don’t worry. This gaming headphone’s performance is equally worthy, setup may be a breeze. Kingston says ‘Plug N Play’ and also this gaming headphone  follows through, no search for drivers, no needed software package to manage sound profiles. we tend to block the USB device in, punched the button on the electronic device to activate Dolby’s digital signal, processor and similar to that we have a tendency to were able to go.

The 50mm drivers pack a punch whereas keeping sound clarity intact. we tend to start up games to the purpose. wherever explosions were over a touch jarring and everything still plumbed crisp and clean. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S doesn’t muddle high hats or bass lines. and produces clean mid-tones.

The Ray M. Dolby DSP introduces some noise, however, the noise-to-signal magnitude relation is nice and also the interference is quickly lined up. the sole times we actually noticed it absolutely was taking note of music that started quiet, with very little over one note compete at a time. On the note of music, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headphones are kinky however fun, with everything set to traditional.

The gaming headphones square measure fine for music. The in-line instrument panel offers 3 equalizers presets: a bass boost and a flat or vocal equivalent. The bass is sweet enough, however we htend to didn’t realize abundant use for the flat and vocal equivalent choices. We did, however, strive to kick on the Ray M. Dolby DSP whereas taking note of music and it absolutely was a blast.

More about Sound

The Ray M. Dolby digital signal process could introduce noise. yet it spreads out all the weather within the song. thus you’re feeling encircled by them, disposition Associate in Nursing nearly live feel. Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes shouting, “come on, chemicals,” from all around was superb. There’s a tinge of echo that pedant audiophiles could hate. yet it offers some novelty to songs we’ve detected many times. Eddie Hazel’s solo in Funkadelic’s grub Brain will with regards to taking you to a special dimension.

even with crap headphones. thus it blew our minds everywhere once more. whereas listening with the HyperX Cloud Revolver S and also the Ray M. Dolby DSP switched on. The noise offered in music carried over to video content yet. we have a tendency to tested this out with a small number of women and Dunkirk. Dunkirk was intense, with each gunfire rattling the United States of America. By spreading out the weather, the environments square measure that rather more compelling.


Of course, all of that’s simply icing on the cake. computer game performance is what it’s all regarding, and also the HyperX Cloud Revolver S doesn’t cross. it still offers a solid special sound that may facilitate vastly in games. Because the electrical engineer DSP will such a decent job of spreading out sounds. it’s straightforward to differentiate sounds even in noisy environments. we have a tendency to were defensive the top of King’s Row in Overwatch. and tho’ the payload was near and busy with combat.

we have a tendency to might head the loud footsteps of Associate in Nursing enemy Reaper. get a general plan of wherever he was (sure enough. he was lurking on the balcony above), and that we might warn our teammates in time to avoid a nasty surprise. We additionally tested the HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headphones in Rainbow. In Rainbow Six, sound cues will go an extended thanks to staying alive and winning the sport. and also this headphone was no slouch at keeping you attentive to our surroundings.

The noise-canceling tried effective during a bevy of tests. In our worst check setting, a loud restaurant with music on. most of the sound was reduced. with only the occasional sound of reverberant glass coming back through. </P> Background noise was simply flooded by our own voice within the electro-acoustic transducer. There’s surely a sweet spot for the mic tho’. Too shut and your breath can sound sort of a robust current of air. Too so much and it goes faint.

Final Reviews

These gaming headphones are Associate in Nursing all-around. spectacular telephone receiver back-geared for vice however able to do such a lot of. The 7.1 channel surround sound creates a good soundstage. that’s helpful in games and immerses you in movies and music. All the whereas, the sound quality dazzles all the approach from the bass through to treble. Beyond the sound. the HyperX Cloud Revolver S stands out as an excellently designed telephone receiver. that justifies the upper worth.

Metal, rubberized plastic. fake animal skin and memory foam all mix to make a comfortable and strong telephone receiver.. or simply to hide we’ve ever used, however. the sound is crisp and handles the duty of keeping well-read in competitive games. The worth could be a bit over . but, once it involves the total package, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is well value each cent.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro || Gaming Headphones

SteelSeries Arctis Pro || Gaming Headphones    

Pros Cons
✔ Good sound;   ✔ Amazing Design and controls   ✔ Dedicated DAC ✘ soundstage not good

SteelSeries and its gaming headsets could be the gambling community’s best-unbroken secret. It modified everything, serving to form the most effective gaming headsets. evolve from method too bassy headphones to associate audiophile’s paradise.

Case in point: The Arctis seven. that continues to be one in all the most effective gaming headsets in our minds. over a year when the SteelSeries Arctis seven graced our presence. And, well, you’d be right the Danish manufacturer has freed. its newest telephone receiver, the Arctis professional. And, we’ve to mention, it’s amazing.  


There’s only 1 word for the Arctis professional + GameDAC’s design: magnificence. whereas its biggest competitors appear to all coming up with the most ambitious looking gaming headphones. it’s conveyance it all backtrack to earth with a straightforward. minimalist and no fluff style. SteelSeries once more opts for a cultured. matte look associate degreed an engineering science style. Its steel band boasts a bronze end with a soft undersurface. It incorporates a secondary band that like a self-adjusting ski gawp suspension band.

that traces the wearer’s head for an ideal match. Of course, users will replace the headscarf and magnetic earcup covers, for one thing. a bit a lot of attention-grabbing. that we have a tendency to ourselves opted for. and you’ll be able to see our tailor-made telephone receiver below. You can wear these puppies for a protracted time while not symptom your head and ears.

to boot, owing to the removable band and also the removable ear cups. you simply go away from the standard black combination and personalize yours with its own line of accessories. that are available in completely different colors and styles.

To give it that gamer’s look. semiconductor diode lights cavort the perimeter of the ear cups. and you’ll be able to customize mistreatment the GameDAC. The mic, that twists in any direction and simply pushes into the left ear cup. once not in use, has its own semiconductor diode light-weight that glows once muted.  


The Arctis Pro’s best feature is its digital to analog audio converter. whereas most gaming consoles and PCs have their own internal converters. the Arctis Pro’s enclosed GameDAC can override them. because it offers higher quality audio performance. As an extra perk, it has its own electronic equipment circuit.

we tend to detected that this feature doesn’t offer the telephone receiver sound. As its competitors. Yet, it will ease deliver low distortion at even the very best output levels. This GameDAC, speaking, feels within the means. Like AN anchor it’s massive, bulky, heavy and needs a USB power supply. thus you’ll ne’er be able to take the entire Arctis professional setup and plug it into a phone. to urge the most effective audio it will deliver. yet it’s another minor detail we will overlook, particularly due to its capabilities.


As so much as sound goes, Arctis gaming headphones are professional may be a majestic siren. Its sound performance is of the audiophile selection. whether you decide on to travel analog or digital. This receiver is thus sensible there’s not the abundant distinction between the analog and thus the digital inputs.

Analog audio may not yet as elaborate, however, it still sounds fantastic. that claims tons about this unit’s sound quality. Not to say that Arctis professional is immaculate. It’s the soundstage, for instance. isn’t as wide as some prime headsets within the market—Creative’s Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition. for instance, has a fair additional spectacular one.

Still, it’s a sensible stereo image and each sound looks to come back from the proper place. However, the distances of the various parts in an exceedingly game aren’t as palpable as they’re with the H7. By extension, H7’s wider soundstage makes its virtual surround sound additional natural. however not by abundant. Arctis Pro’s virtual surround sound is pretty convincing. creating up for one more one among Arctis 7’s shortcomings. whereas enjoying manslayer, we tend to might hear voices passing and from behind us.

Final Reviews

Sure, we’d appreciate a lower cost tag. however, paying $249 for a gambling receiver of this caliber are some things we will simply stick out. And, as a gaming headsets this gaming headphone is laugher for audiophiles and gamers. so, SteelSeries clearly took notice of Arctis 7’s missing options. And ill-treated those on to what it will be the best headsets that manufacture exquisite sound. primarily waterproofing Arctis Pro’s fate as a high competition within the gaming headphones.

With this headphone, you are simply obtaining a sleek GameDAC that puts management at your fingertips. And provides a hectic, higher-quality device. you’re obtaining mind-blowing sound ought to have audiophile worship.

3. Astro A50 || Gaming Headphones

Astro A50 || Gaming Headphones

Pros Cons
✔ Amazing sound ✔ Comfortable ✘ Expensive ✘ Edgy aesthetic

When you exit buying a gaming telephone receiver. you will directly be greeted by a swarm of expensive headphones. all competitory to envision who’s designed the sharpest looks. and therefore the Astro A50 gaming headphones are leading the charge.  


One examines the Astro A50 gaming headphones. and you’ll recognize it’s a play telephone receiver. there’s a recent trend with play headsets recently to create them a bit stealthier. The concept being you’ll be able to wear them move into the public. However, the Astro A50 wears its playstyle sort of a badge of honor. Still, the flashy style of years past is gone, replaced with a lot of trendy all-black style. there’s still much disapproval.

yet, likewise as those weird activity markings on the look of the telephone receiver allow you to live yet huge your head is. At the highest of the headscarf. there is a very flimsy feeling piece of plastic that homes the artifact for the highest of your head. aboard Associate in Nursing Astro emblem.

It will start up simply, and whereas that creates it simple to switch it while not trouble. we are able to conjointly see the telephone receiver being born and this half going missing. On the left ear cup, you will find the mic. It’s neither removable nor retractile – instead. it rotates upwards for once you wish or desires it out of the manner.

Intrnal design

Over on the proper aspect are all the Astro A50 buttons and dials. On the ear cup itself, there are 2 buttons marked ‘game’ and ‘voice’. once you connect the Astro A50 to your laptop. it’ll really register as 2 USB sound devices. and these buttons permit you to regulate the sound balance between them. you’ll be able to balance the sound from your game and your friends talking on Discord.

You’ll notice an influence switch. A button that activates electrical engineer virtual surround sound. equivalent weight button, and volume. On all-time low of the proper ear cup, you may notice a small USB port for charging. though we have a tendency to usually simply use the charging station for that.

One of the simplest components of this telephone receiver is its removable ear pads. The default ear pads are quite comfortable enough. however, if you would like to shop for the artificial animal skin A50 Mod Kit. you simply have to be compelled to pop off the magnetic ear pads and get in the replacements. It’s terribly simple, and that we would like a lot of headsets would add a system like this.

Finally, you’ve got a USB charging station. Not only this will allow you to charge your telephone receiver. however, it’ll show completely different statuses of the telephone receiver. that features battery level, whether or not it’s connected to your computer or PS4. electrical engineer standing and equivalent weight planned. All of this data is visible at a look. not like tons of play headsets. you do not cope with that fear of curious once your battery goes down.


We might not be the largest fans of its style, however, we tend to do love the sound quality this telephone receiver delivers. But first, let’s get this out of the way. this is not the loudest telephone receiver ever. and it does not have the most effective seal. we are able to still hear our coworkers within the workplace throughout slow gameplay moments. If you’re once one thing with a great deal of thunder and an awfully effective noise-cancellation. you would possibly not be happy with this telephone receiver.

However, if you’re additionally involved regarding the sound quality. then you’ll be happy to grasp that there square measure only a few vice gaming headphones with this sensible of audio balance. You see, a great deal of the vice headsets on the market square measure extraordinarily bass serious. due to the Ray M. Dolby Virtual Surround support, the Astro A50 delivers especially immersive gameplay expertise.

It should not be too stunning, however, that the Astro A50 the gaming headphones falls a bit flat once paying attention to music. paying attention to Ezra Furman’s “My Teeth Hurt,” a great deal of the small print within the higher vary is lost.  

Final reviews

The Astro A50 has been one among the foremost costly play headsets on the market. And, not a lot of has modified therein regard. And, currently the competition within the premium telephone receiver sphere. which means that the Astro A50 has to supply a great deal worthy of its price of admission. The good news here is that Astro A50’s audio performance continues to be there. And you’ll be able to get a great deal out of it.

The sound quality itself, although not audiophile-level, is great and enveloping. And, that wireless signal has way improved this point around. If you are looking for a smooth telephone receiver that you simply will wear outside. you would possibly not love the manner it’s. This telephone receiver wears its play aesthetic proudly. However, if that’s one thing you’ll be able to forgive, you’ll love the Astro A50.

4. Beyerdynamic Custom || Gaming Headphones

Pros Cons
✔ Amazingly comfortable ✔ Awesome sound ✘ Expensive ✘ Mic Attached

With sturdy budget-friendly gaming headsets batter up en bloc. currently, an expensive stereo receiver had higher be at the highest of its game. if it’s posing for important money. Luckily, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game receiver is up to the task. The over-ear receiver sticks to the look tenets of different choices from a couple of years. like the nearly-identical Custom One professional and headphones. And equally keeps the main focus on a sturdy build, serious comfort, and crisp sound.  


Unlike plenty of diversion headsets. this headphone was designed for audiophiles. And so appendant with a mike for diversion functions. which quite virtually looks to be the case. In my view, that is a sensible factor. It does not have plenty of tacky. cheap-looking plastic or color accents within the mix. at a look, this receiver feels like it suggests that business. The Custom Game seems like it was designed for each sturdiness and luxury. it excels on each count. The headband consists of versatile metal strips wrapped in a removable cowl. Paired with the massive, pillowy-soft cans.

the Beyerdynamic Custom Game may be a pleasure to own on your head. It nicely envelops your ears and blocks plenty of external noise. keeping you targeted on your game—and it holds up well across long sessions, too. The angular metal arches that connect the band to the cans feels powerful. Though I do not love the sensation of adjusting them. It works simply fine and holds to your most popular setting. however, one in each of the perimeters unit makes Associate in Nursing unpleasant metal.

Like other Beyerdynamic headphones. you’ll be able to swap in a very few different style covers on every can. It’s a simple method. however, not like the receiver itself, a number of the quilt choices area unit unpleasant, sharply gamer-centric tags. that I could not bear to be seen sporting. it is a strange just a position, considering the design of the particular receiver. Thankfully, a handful of styles are not embarrassing.  


That does one get with a $200+ gambling headset? whereas you do not get virtual surround sound with the Beyerdynamic Custom Game. it will sound extremely sharp with pure stereo output. The acquainted 3.5mm jack able you to plug the Custom Game into PlayStation four and Xbox One. – and it impresses regardless of what reasonably supply I strive. whether or not gaming, being attentive to music, or looking at movies, I feel immersed and delight by the playback. Every ax impact and guttural shout in God of War resonates with the type of daring thump I expect. because of the Custom Game’s broad sound stage and seriously well-defined output.

Shifting over to Rocket League, the bouncy electronic audio recording ne’er comes across as muzzy. and each goal explosion resonates with a booming, crystal-clear blast. The bass sliders might sound sort of a stunt in spite of everything. however, will some clicks from these very little plastic nubs extremely modificatio

n anything? surprisingly, they create a true distinction. On one end, the bass may be a bit neutral and therefore the headphones feel a lot of closed off. however, if you would like a stronger bass kick, you’ll be able to open them up and savor the thump. And it’s ne’er overwhelming at the best level, however, it is a nice addition for after you wish it.  

Final reviews

Not everybody has to pay $200+ on a diversion receiver. In fact, we’d say that only a few individuals would appreciate enough. But for the cash, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game seriously delivers. From dynamic stereo sound to unique comfort. A confidence-inspiring build, and a stellar mic. this high-end diversion receiver carries on Beyerdynamic’s inheritance within the diversion area.

5. Corsair HS50 Stereo || Gaming Headphones

Pros Cons
✔ Strong sound ✔ Comfortable ✘ Mic could be misplace ✘ lacks surrounding sound

It’s a simple stereo telephone receiver, engineered for pumping your earholes filled. With small-arm blasts and thumping tunes. also as keeping you in synchronize together with your squad. via its simplex noise-canceling electro-acoustic transducer. In fact, it’s pretty the same as the marginally expensive Astro A10 telephone receiver. that we have a tendency to recently reviewed. – however in nearly every respect, the Corsair HS50 goes one notch higher.

True, the HS50 most likely will not blow several minds. and it cannot vie with abundant higher-end telephone receiver choices. however, that is not the attract here. what is really appealing is that it is not much expensive and that is pretty superb.


The Corsair HS50 does not look and want a budget receiver. . Corsair’s receiver punches some notches on top of its weight category build quality.

This large receiver has cans that ought to simply work around your entire ears. and they are masses comfortable too. fake animal skin encases the memory foam cups. that gently squish against your head while not applying an excessive amount of pressure. and so like a shot shift back to their correct kind once removed. On the surface, the cans have the planning of a speaker grate. funnily enough, with inexperienced or blue color accents obtainable. if you wish to spot together with your Xbox One or PlayStation four. a typical black edition is additionally obtainable.

You see additional of a premium bit with the big metal arches that connect the cups to the headscarf. whereas additionally permitting the pliability to suit on every type of heads. moreover, the band has sleek faux-leather with color-accent handicraft on the plush within. and also the Corsair brand on the highest. At a look, I might peg this as a one hundred buck receiver – or expensive, even. It does not establish as entry-level or low-end in any respect. and also the metal base creates it feels super strong.


That’s true with the sound quality, which is wonderful for a basic stereo receiver. Corsair opted for 50mm drivers here. that are a touch larger than the 40mm drivers in each the Astro A10. And output sound that is simply a particle higher than either of these offerings. I pay most of my diversion time recently in Rocket League for PlayStation four. and also the HS50 did not thwart. The pulsing electronic tunes delivered each precise highs and solid. Though not booming – bass tones. with nice differentiation between them. Likewise, the significant boing of a well-timed jump. the thump of the ball bouncing and also the explosive defeat of being destroyed by another automobile.

Moving over to Star Wars front II. the TIE Fighter’s optical maser blasts resonated brilliantly around my ears. The sound field does not feel vast, however, it will come back off as a touch broader than Astro’s possibility. and also the roaring engines of Xbox One affected the maximum amount. because of the game’s dazzling graphics. Almost. Likewise, the HS50 will adeptly handle music, movies, and different media. whether or not you are streaming media on your console or laptop. or mistreatment the receiver along with your smartphone.

Final Reviews

There area unit clearly higher play headsets on the market than the Corsair HS50, however, you would be in trouble to seek out a lot of eye-catching budget play receiver than this one. It shines in nearly every respect beginning with the strong, premium-feeling build, that incorporates a nicely unpretentious attractiveness and comes off as a pricier device.

If you are willing to pay a lot of on a receiver then you will find many perks, together with Bluetooth wireless support, dazzling styles and surround sound capabilities – and people is also price outlay for. however, if you do not need to splurge on a

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